What is Benyke Finance ?

A decentralized finance project with focus on delivering real world financial services on the blockchain.

Benyke Finance will offer its services through its decentralized a applications (DApp) on Binance (BNB) Smart Chain (BSC). The users will assess the intended services which include asset swap, staking, farm, NFTs Marketplace, borrowing and insurance

BenykeToken is the native token of the Benyke Finance ecosystem. It is a smart contract deployed on the Smart Chain.

BenykeToken is a BEP20 reflective, auto-liquidity and auto-yield generating token which rewards the holders of BENYKE and also add to the liquidity pool from the taxes on transactions.

The total supply of BenykeToken is 100,000,000BENYKE.

The components of Benyke Finance are

(a) BenykeSwap
(b) BenykeStaking
(c) BenykeCover
(d) BenykeFunding
(e) Benyke Marketplace
(f) Benyke Charity