BenykeToken is the utility and native token of the Benyke Finance ecosystem.

It is deployed as a smart contract on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20) and has been bridged onto the Primal Chain (PRC-20) to support the project's broader vision.


Total Supply:
100,000,000 BENYKE.

Circulating Supply :
Currently, approximately 57,000,000 BENYKE

Token Distribution :
The remaining tokens are vested-locked on Pinksale (Pinklock) and are scheduled to be released at intervals until September 2027.

Token Listings :
BenykeToken is currently listed on both Centralized and Decentralized exchanges.

The token pairs :

Exchanges :
Coinstore Exchange Pancakeswap DEX Primalswap DEX
- Token Information:

Symbol :

Decimal :

Contract Address :
BEP 20 : 0x2c29d6da871a6b90d7b4ae470079cdf5252df5f8
PRC-20 : 0xB3069417E140FE2473215EC4B083704da8DeF4D2

Block Explorer:
BEP20: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2c29d6da871a6b90d7b4ae470079cdf5252df5f8
PRC20: https://explorer.prmscan.org/address/0xB3069417E140FE2473215EC4B083704da8DeF4D2


BenykeToken is designed as an auto-yield, auto-liquidity generation, and reflective token.

It has a reflection fee of 7% charged on every transaction, which is distributed as follows:

1% Auto-Yield: A portion of the transaction fee is automatically distributed as yield to token holders, incentivizing and rewarding holders.

1% Auto-Liquidity Generation: Another portion of the fee is used to automatically generate liquidity, enhancing the liquidity pool for BenykeToken.

5% Marketing/Development/Charity: The remaining fee is allocated to support marketing efforts, further development of the project, and charitable initiatives.

By implementing these tokenomics, BenykeToken not only benefits its holders through yield rewards but also contributes to the long-term liquidity and sustainability of the ecosystem.